Sawyer Thomson

Lead Consulting Specialist

Musical Instruments


Areas of Specialism: 


Call: 215.940.9830



Sawyer Thomson is the Lead Consulting Specialist for the Musical Instruments department. A cellist and graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music, Mr. Thomson founded Thomson Violins, Ltd., in 2016, where he assists musicians and collectors across the world with the sale and acquisition of fine instruments and bows. He will work with Consulting Specialist Frederick Oster and the team at Freeman’s to create a dynamic Musical Instruments sale, to be held Spring 2019.

Mr. Thomson was drawn to the world of fine stringed instruments and bows after buying his first professional cello. Intrigued by the tonal differences between models of old masters such as Stradivarius, Montagnana, and Gofriller, he set out to gain a professional understanding of rare instruments and their history, which subsequently led to the founding his business. “These works of art, which can be over 300 years old, have a distinctive tonal palate that has not yet been matched by modern instruments. Add to that their intrinsic value as financial investments, and you now have collectable art with utility. There is a reason why the vast majority of top performers and collectors choose to acquire works by the old masters.”

Outside of musical instruments, Mr. Thomson is an avid golfer. A self-described “foodie,” he enjoys experiencing the various cuisines of the places he visits, especially in Asia.