At Freeman’s this Sunday, a number of historically significant works from regarded American artists will come up for bid at the American Art and Pennsylvania Impressionists sale. Vice Chairman of Freeman’s and Head of the American Art and Pennsylvania Impressionist department, Alasdair Nichol, shares five pieces to watch this weekend. 

Daniel Garber American Art Sale
Lot 64: Daniel Garber (American 1880-1958) “Lone Sycamore"
‘Lone Sycamore’ is one of the best examples by Garber to appear at auction in recent years. Interesting to note that it won PAFA Popular Prize in 1945 and 70 years later it has again proved to be a favorite amongst visitors to our exhibition as well as Freeman's staff! A magisterial depiction of nature which captures the unique light that one associates with the very best of PA Impressionism. This is my favorite painting in the sale. Estimate: $400,000-600,000.

Seascape by William Trost Richards
Lot 9: William Trost Richards (American 1833-1905) “Seascape” 
Philadelphia born Trost Richards is a master of painting the sea and waves breaking on the shore. His fidelity to nature garnered from the Pre-Raphaelites and consummate craftsmanship and skill result in a quietly contemplative canvas that has proved popular amongst viewers at our exhibition. Estimate: $25,000-40,000

Fern isabel Coppedge American Art
Lot 102: Fern Isabel Coppedge (American 1883-1951) "Little House at Lambertville" (Village Road)
We have a superb group of works by the ever popular, Fern Coppedge. From two beautiful harbor scenes, to her classic Bucks County landscapes, Coppedge’s idiosyncratic palette and distinctive sense of composition have a broad appeal amongst collectors across the United States. Against stiff competition I have picked the last lot in the sale which contains all the elements that make her works so coveted. Estimate: $25,000-40,000

Martin Lewis American Art
Lot 1: Martin Lewis (American 1881-1962) “Rainy Day, Queens”
As a former printmaker who used to work in drypoint, I always enjoy seeing the work of a master and Martin Lewis certainly falls into this category. Freeman’s has been fortunate in having a work by him in each of our last four American art auctions. This dramatic composition brings to life a rainy day in New York City and is evocative of the period in which it was created, the 1930s. Estimate: $20,000-30,000

John Singer Sargent American Art
Lot 11: John Singer Sargent (American 1856-1925) “Studies of a Spanish Dancer” (Study for “El Jaleo”)
Sargent was the dominant American artist of his era and a master draftsman. This marvelous drawing was a preliminary sketch for one of his masterpieces 'El Jaleo’, which hangs in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. It shows his mastery of line and has great energy which contributes to the dramatic sense of movement characteristic of Spanish dance. The fact that it once belonged to one of my favorite British sculptors, Charles Sargeant Jagger, is just an added bonus. Estimate: $25,000-40,000


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